The Laurie Hasson showroom opened in Los Angeles in 1992.  A second space was soon added in Dallas. The showroom’s success and overall staying power are products of a dual mission:  designers and buyers alike find the rare combination of true creativity and commercial success.  At the Laurie Hasson showroom, originality, independence and innovation serve as artistic touchstones and good business practice.
The Laurie Hasson showroom has been paramount in connecting specialty boutiques, department stores and online businesses with fresh new talent.  After years of success, it continues to thrive as a launch pad at the vanguard of contemporary design. 
The showroom’s namesake and driving force, Laurie Hasson, fuses an advanced business background with a lifelong love of fashion.  She’s guided by an abiding respect for the promise of art and self-expression in ambitious young designers.  Her showroom provides a sleek and sophisticated sales environment that puts the designers work first—all central to a business philosophy that’s both highly professional and deeply personal.  The vision transformed the Laurie Hasson showroom into a landmark creative forum, where buyers can find the most current collections in fashion.