The Hasson Costa Showroom is a dynamic full-service sales agency focused on brand building and the representation of emerging talent and established Contemporary Designers both nationally and internationally. Built on 25 years of expertise and long-standing relationships, the Hasson Costa Showroom has a proven track record for success. Founded by Laurie Hasson in 1992 as the Laurie Hasson Showroom, the success and overall staying power of the showroom are a testament to its original mission: For designers and buyers alike to find the rare combination of true creativity and commercial success; focused on product and sales.

After leading sales for top corporate and multiline showrooms both in New York and Los Angeles since 1995, Dusty Costa joined the Laurie Hasson Showroom in 2005 as Sales Director and was soon promoted to Vice President of Sales. She became a partner in the newly formed Hasson Costa Showroom in 2012 and took over the business in December 2016 after Hasson's retirement.

2017 was the beginning of a new chapter. Now under the sole ownership and direction of Costa, the showroom has entered a new era while continuing its legacy of representing a stellar roster of Designers that include Rachel Pally, Corey Lynn Calter, WAYF, Vimmia and Trina Turk just to name a few. The Hasson Costa Showroom pays homage to its founder by continuing the unparalleled vision and dedication to be a launch pad for artistry, innovation and cutting-edge contemporary design.

A tour de force in fashion, Costa fuses over 30 years of retail and wholesale sales expertise with a rock solid foundation for brand building, product, sales and an innate ability to discover and develop fresh new talent, maximize and re-energize established brands and merge creativity with commercial success. Developing and spearheading innovative businesses for more than two decades in the wholesale sector, she has been at the forefront of the Advanced Better Contemporary and Young Contemporary markets. Building on the Showrooms longstanding reputation and a results-oriented, proactive, fresh approach to business, Costa is prepared to creatively and progressively lead her company, brands and team into the future movement of wholesale and retail.