Dedicated to building brands by providing a solid foundation with support and collaborative proactive communication, we help create healthy, long-term and profitable businesses. We merge people with products, creativity with commerce and continually build and maintain strong relationships with designers and buyers alike to create wholesale and retail success.

People + Products:

At Hasson Costa Showroom, service to our buyers and brands is our top priority. Our highly trained and experienced sales representatives have the drive, relationships, knowledge, tenacity and dedication that achieves results.

Creativity + Commerce:

We understand and study consumer habits, the ever-changing marketplace and anticipate upcoming changes and trends. At Hasson Costa Showroom, expect positivity, professionalism, integrity, honesty and a relentless drive to succeed.

Relationships + Resources:

We know the key to being successful is creating and maintaining strong relationships. Utilizing our trusted, longstanding relationships, we facilitate and connect our brands with top retail merchants and industry resources that help our brands to succeed. From business development to factoring, banking, accounting, social media and PR – we have it covered.





Brand Building and Strategy


Delivery plans and schedule 


Key trend direction

Core components 

Distribution channels

Thrust and brand identity 

Development planning and directives

Sales baseline and seasonal growth plans

Create and conceptualize additional divisions and trademarks for brands 


Our goal and mission is to represent top-tier talent, build brands and work hand in hand with creative designers and CEOs to partner and manage sales and distribution coupled with merchandising and involvement with every aspect of business to achieve brand goals. Brand building is our expertise. With integrity, dedication, and vision, we bring each designer’s story to life. By listening to the needs of buyers and the marketplace, we envision and create opportunities, develop design talent and collaborate to create winning wholesale and retail strategies. We set and surpass sales goals by continually challenging ourselves and creating opportunities to enhance and maximize each brand’s potential utilizing our proven formula built on 25 years of success.